PVC recycled EKO range, rigid and flexible

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PVC recycled EKO range, rigid and flexible

Our EKO range of high quality flexible and rigid PVCs are potentially the best alternative to prime virgin PVC where applications and production allows. Our EKO range is a fully 100% recycled product that is only manufactured from post industrial feedstock. We don’t use post consumer, unless otherwise requested. This enables us to ensure to our customers that we can provide the VERY BEST and HIGHEST QUALITY of a recycled product, ensuring that contamination is avoided entirely. The process of recycling has very strict controls and top of the range future proof machines to manufacture almost any Softness and S.G that is required either for injection moulding or extrusion. All the PVC is stringently fine filter and homogeneously blended to give continuity and performance success. Each batch is quality tested and traced through ISO procedures allowing us to give quality assurance to our customers.

PVC Flexible / Rigid - Extrusion - Jazz regrind
PVC Rigid - Extrusion - White granules
PVC Rigid - Extrusion - Grey Granules
PVC Flexible - Extrusion / Moulding - Granules
PVC Rigid - Moulding - Black granules

Laboratory Equipment

With further investment of the most up to date testing and laboratory equipment, we are always ahead of the game enabling us to provide in house accuracy of our PVC compounds without compromise. Testing for physical properties of ShoreA, Specific Gravity, Elongation, Tensile and homogenisation comes as standard practice with every batch. The sophistication of the laboratory equipment and the genius minds that work them should be no surprise that our EKO PVC is the best that can be offered. Customers requiring continuity and consistent raw materials should expect no compromise, we only deliver the best quality !

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