PVC Vinyl Record compound

PVC Vinyl Record compound

Over the last 10 years Vinyl Record compound has most certainly made and is still making a retro come back across the whole of the World. Here in the UK sales have rocketed to an all time 25 year high and with increasing demand and interest still in Vinyl records the production and supply of PVC compound for the records is in big demand. Northern Polymers and Plastics has a unique industry formulation that creates, holds and releases the very best sound to blast you back into the days of the 60’s and 70’s vinyl era. Our products are sold to many of the top European production facilities with estimated sales of upwards of 5,000 tons per annum and growing. Black is not the only colour we can provide for, we have a full and comprehensive range of COLOURS and varying metallic and glitter finishes that will enhanced individuality for your customer. If you are a start up or a big record factory please get in touch and there will be a vinyl compound that we can help you with.

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