Mineral filled compounds, masterbatches and additives

We are proud to offer a full and extensive range of Prime virgin mineral filled masterbatches, compounds and additives for many moulding and extrusion applications in PP, PE and PS.

The masterbatch range

This range of masterbatches is manufactured for the addition to prime virgin polymers for varying reasons of cost reduction, impact resistance, improved stiffness and much more. The range extends to varying degrees of mineral content from 40 – 85 % dependant on the mineral.

Specific tailor made products can also be manufactured upon request based upon MOQ factory production runs. The mineral fillers available are and not limited to, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), with blend ratios upto 50% and more environmentally friendly.

CaCO3 (calcium Carbonate)
Filler Masterbatch
GEMAPILEN FKPolyPropylene HomoCALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 85%High mixture rates and reduced costsExtrusion and ThermoformingRequest
GEMAPILEN EKPolyPropylene Homo
PolyPropylene Copo
CALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 80%Increased rigidity, improved impact strength even at low temperatures, reduced material costsInjection mouldingRequest
GEMAPILEN BKPolyPropylene HomoCALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 80%Lower material costs and increased rigidityPipe extrusions and ThermoformingRequest
GEMATILEN BKHDPolyEthylene HDCALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 85%Low cost, improved mechanical properties and increase in rigidityExtrusion, Blow moulding, Thermoforming and InjectionRequest
GEMATILEN FKPolyEthylene LLDCALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 85%Low costs and high mixture ratesExtrusion, Blow moulding, Thermoforming and Film blowingRequest
GEMASTIREN FKPolyStyrene HICALCIUM CARBONATE40% - 70%Low costs and high mixture ratesExtrusion, Thermoforming and InjectionRequest

The compound range

The compound range of prime polymers are direct injection moulding or extrusion compounds, suitable for many varying demanding applications that normal Polyolefins are not quite able to meet.

Perhaps it’s a high impact Talc grade for automotive or a high tensile glass filled grade for appliances or construction applications, we should have a solution that would fit your requirements.

Technical Compounds
Technical Compounds
GEMAPILEN BRC GFPolyPropylene Random CopoGLASS FIBER5% - 40%Multi-Layer composite pipe applications, excellent impact resistanceRequest
GEMAPILEN GFPolyPropylene Homo
PolyPropylene Copo
GLASS FIBER/ GLASS BEADS5% - 40%Injection moulding and extrusion applications, excellent mechanical valuesRequest
GEMAPILEN BKTPolyPropylene Homo
PolyPropylene Copo
TALCUM5% - 65%Reduced mould shrinkage, improved surface characteristics, quick heat dispersion and reduced warpageRequest
GEMAPILEN BSPolyPropylene Homo
PolyPropylene Copo
BARIUM SULFATE5% - 70%Injection moulding and extrusion applications, increased density / weight valuesRequest

The additive range

Masterbatches and compounds are fantastic modifiers against the normal straight Polyolefin resins but there may also be times when you may need that little bit extra or perhaps for an application that needs a different processability or result within the manufacturing process or as a finished product.

The additive range offers some solutions to be able to meet that demand of Polymer processing aids, slips, UVs, Flam retardants, heat stabilisers Oxy biodegradables etc.

Additive Masterbatch

Below are some of the advantages that Gema compounds can provide to production over and above cost savings

  • Does not contain heavy metals and it has a high chemical purity, in turn this removes any catalytic impact that will cause polymer ageing or degradation
  • Dependant on percentages used, producess an Opaque White colour reducing the consumption of expensive White Pigments
  • Non abrasiveness due to the CaCO3 coated with sterate acid improving the lifetime of machine part
  • It has good dispersion.
  • It is appropriate for food because it is odourless, tasteless and non toxic. It can be used in food packaging
  • Helps to reduce the shrinkage after cooling
  • The specific surface area of the mineral additive does not absorb the lubricants and stabilisers or chemicals used in any formulation
  • Increases hardness of the parts
  • Increases impact strength and resistance against aging of the polymer (ESCR) Enviro Stress Crack Resistance
  • Can improve surface quality of the finished product
  • Potentially reducing the wall thickness slightly, while still retaining the strength and reducing Prime polymer consumption
  • Improves adhesion of print or labels on products
  • Heat distribution is improved though better thermal conductivity during processing
  • Also cooling time is decreased through quicker heat dispersion after processing
  • Food grade certification
  • Helps to clean and clear blocked pockets, jets and areas of polymer build up and helps break down and flush stubborn polymer, keeping the system clean and clear at all times
  • Anti blocking Behaviour
  • 1.1 micron particle size used against alternative competitors
  • 100% assurance of non migration from the polymer compound with the use of specialied high quality coupling agents to lock the CaCO3 into the polymer matrix like no other compound formulation
  • Can increases MFI

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