PVC B Grade compounds and Resin

PRIME “B” Grade products

Although every PVC granule is made with much love and attention and we pride ourselves on the ability to get things right first time every time, there are occasions when this does not happen and our quality control department deem granules not to conform to our customers exacting specifications. So we have out of specification or incorrect PVC grades that we separate away from our perfect grades which we call off specs or “B” Grades. The section below displays PVC grades available on request.

B Grade PVC
Material IDFlexible or RigidAvailable StockCommentsColour

PVC Resin

PVC resin is the base polymer used for the creation of PVC compound formulations, of dry blend powder format or compound granule / pellet format. We have a continuous supply of PVC resin in varying grades from the high quality 1st grade resin through to lower quality off spec resin.
We also have Wet / damp, resin floor sweepings and sieve rejection resin.
Please see the expandable list below for current offerings...

PVC Resin off spec
K ValueDescriptionBasePackagingColourVolume (tons)Availability
57 & 65-67Mixed PVC K values, Heavy Black spec contamination.Ethylene - SuspensionFIBCs or BulkWhite with Black Specs200 tonNow
57 - 70Wet Resin 25- 30 % moisture contentEthylene - SuspensionFIBCsWhite - Brown300 ton monthlyNow
57 - 70Wet Resin 25- 30 % moisture contentEthylene - Suspension & Emulsion mixedFIBCsWhite200 ton monthlyNow
57 - 70Wet Resin 25- 30 % moisture contentEthylene - Suspension & Emulsion mixedFIBCsWhite - Brown100 ton monthlyNow

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