Northern Polymers and Plastics Ltd was established in 2001 as a family business and continues to be. As a trading and distribution company we are engaged within many areas of the plastics and polymers industry from the initially customer consultation and raw material supply to the very end stages of recycling 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation polymers, we look to be a creative and fluid company that offers a one stop shop.

Strategy and outlook

As a company we pride ourselves over the years as a company looked upon as being, trustworthy, honest and having integrity with all our working partners. This is our core value at the company.

As a service, we pride ourselves as giving our customers the exacting stands we would expect whilst looking for opportunities to engage with our customers and provide them with continually improved services and products as and when needed. We will continue to abide by that philosophy for the future.

We have exceptional relationships with all our partners new and old and we will continue to grow together to achieve new goals in an ever changing environment.

Northern Polymers and Plastics is a very forward thinking company offering new solutions, products and advice to help move customers and partners forward into the future ahead of competition.


Is there a minimum polymers order?
Unlike many polymer suppliers we can supply small quantities from 25kgs. Each order is individual and tailor matched to your exact requirements, although we often supply full loads without compromise.
Where can you deliver my plastics to?
Northern Polymers and Plastics Ltd can deliver your plastic materials anywhere in the world.
How quickly can my polymers and plastics be delivered?
At Northern Polymers and Plastics we have built a strong business relationship with many leading freight forwarding companies. One in particular supplies us with priority status, which means we can guarantee safe, prompt delivery of all orders. Depending on the type of material we can deliver straight away from stock or, if prime material is required, a 10-14 day lead time is typical.
Why is ISO9001 important?
ISO 9001 is an International Standards Organisation quality management standard. It applies to all types of organizations and can help both product and service oriented organisations to achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected throughout the world. Manufacturers have to reach these standards and maintain set high levels in quality management and demonstrate a commitment to quality.
How good is the quality of re-processed PVC we supply?
Northern Polymers & Plastics Ltd works closely with one of the leading companies in the pvc reprocessing industry. The polymer reprocessing facility produces the highest grade possible of re-compounded pvc from only post industrial feedstocks and is ISO9001 certified. The material quality is so high that the re-processed PVC produced it is comparable to prime material, with typical prices being 20 to 40% less than virgin PVC being currently offered. Applications are typically construction, irrigation, footware, sheeting, flooring and many more.
What formula do you supply polymers and plastics in?
Northern Polymers and Plastics can supply polymers to many varying compound formula, both prime and reprocessed in compound granules, regrind, lump, powders and reprocessed pellets.
Can you supply prime virgin plastics?
Yes. Northern Polymers and Plastics are UK virgin and prime plastic suppliers & polymer procurement specialists

Northern Polymers and Plastics are suppliers of a comprehensive range of polymers and plastics materials, sourced from a worldwide network of plastic manufacturers and suppliers, available as resins, pellets, granules, powders, regrind, flake and recycled materials.



As a company we have a specialisation with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), with the ability to supply both prime virgin compounds and recycled compounds to the exacting standards of the customers requirements. We have specialisation to provide any format and compound the customer requires either rigid or flexible along with other exotic grades such as, glass filled, nitriles, anti statics, electrical resistance and conductive etc. If You have a requirement we feel confident we can provide it ! get in touch and lets us help you.


We are not only restricted to PVC compounds we are also involved with manufacture and supply of polyolefins (PP,PE,PS ABS etc), masterbatches both in coloured pigments and mineral filled. We have a broad range of solutions from high quality recycled grades to prime virgin grades. With a flexibility to adjust to many different requirements we can handle large orders of full truck loads to small 25kg single orders.


Please call us at +44 (0)1270 874224

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